paint additive Ceramic Powder for sale

paint additive Ceramic Powder for sale

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Ceramic powder is a light non-metallic multifunctional material. The main components are SiO2 and Al2O3. Ceramic powder has good dispersibility, high hiding power, high whiteness, good suspension, good chemical stability, good plasticity, high heat-resistant temperature, and high density. Small, low loss on ignition, good light scattering and good insulation. It can improve the adsorption, weather resistance, durability, scrubbing resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of the paint, improve the mechanical properties of the paint film, increase transparency, and improve the fire resistance. It can be used for anticorrosion, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, powder, architectural coatings and Various industrial and civil coatings are especially suitable for high-gloss semi-gloss coatings and other solvents. They can replace the amount of titanium dioxide, eliminate the photo-flocculation phenomenon caused by the use of titanium dioxide, prevent the yellowing of the paint, and reduce the production cost of the enterprise. Ceramic powder is known as “new material in the space age

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Introduction of fly ash cenosphere

fly ash cenosphere is a kind of fly ash hollow ball that can float on the water surface. fly ash cenosphere is off-white, with thin and hollow walls, very light weight, 160-400 kg/m3, particle size of about 0.1-0.5 mm, and the surface is closed and smooth. Low thermal conductivity, refractoriness 1610, it is an excellent thermal insulation refractory material, widely used in the production of lightweight castables and oil drilling. The chemical composition of fly ash cenosphere is mainly silica and aluminum oxide. It has many characteristics such as fine particles, hollow, light weight, high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, thermal insulation, insulation and flame retardant.

Fly ash cenosphere have the following advantages

1. The amount of resin is small / the potential for addition is great: because in any shape, the spherical shape has the smallest specific surface area, and the fly ash cenosphere require the least amount of resin.

2. Low viscosity/improved fluidity: Unlike irregular-shaped particles,fly ash cenosphere can easily roll between each other. This makes the system using fly ash cenosphere have lower viscosity and better fluidity. Moreover, the sprayability of the system has also been improved;

3. Hardness/abrasion resistance: fly ash cenosphere is a kind of high strength and hard microspheres, which can enhance the hardness, scrubbing resistance and abrasion resistance of the coating;

4. Excellent heat insulation effect: due to the hollow sphere structure of fly ash cenosphere, it has excellent heat insulation effect when filled in paint;

5. Inertness: fly ash cenosphere is composed of inert ingredients, so they have excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;

6. Opacity: The hollow spherical shape of the fly ash cenosphere slows and scatters light, which results in an increase in the hiding power of the paint;

7. Dispersibility: The dispersion of fly ash cenosphere is the same as mineral fillers. Due to the thick wall and high compressive strength of fly ash cenosphere, it can withstand the processing of all kinds of mixers, extruders and molding machines;

Other usage of fly ash cenosphere

1. Refractory insulation materials; such as lightweight sintered refractory bricks, lightweight non-fired refractory bricks, casting insulation risers, pipe insulation shells, fire-proof insulation coatings, insulation pastes, composite insulation dry powder, lightweight insulation and wear-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastics,

2. Petroleum industry; oilfield cementing to reduce leakage, pipeline anticorrosion and insulation, subsea oilfields, floating devices, oil well drilling mud reducers, oil and gas pipelines, etc.

3. Insulating materials; plastic activation fillers, high temperature and high pressure insulators, etc.,

4. Aerospace and space development; surface composite materials for satellites, rockets, and spacecraft, satellite fire protection layer, marine equipment, ships, deep-sea submarines, etc.;

5. Powder metallurgy: It is mixed with light metals such as aluminum and magnesium to make foam metal. Compared with the base alloy, this composite material has the characteristics of low density, high specific strength and high rigidity, good damping performance and wear resistance.

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